The Denbigh Warwick Business Association is an organization of concerned business owners and private citizens who have come together in mutual business and community interests to sustain, enhance, and promote the business community and the vitality of the Denbigh area of Newport News in general.​  It provides the leadership to identify the problems, advocate solutions, inform and educate the business community about local issues, and to effect results. We will do this not as adversaries but in partnership with community leaders, local police, and city and state government.
 Meeting Dates and Times

     Join us every fourth Thursday (2nd Thursday in November and December) at 7:30am Meet and Greet followed by an 8:00am general meeting at the Denbigh Community Center, 15198 Warwick Boulevard Newport News, VA 23608.  Call ahead to verify meeting dates.  They change in November and December for the holidays and we occasionally take a summer month off.

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     Contact us by phone at 757-880-1361.