The DWBA has created a comfortable environment for business owners/managers and city department employees to meet once a month to discuss business issues affecting not only the businesses, but issues that affect the city departments so that there is an ongoing understanding of how "both worlds" work.

The DWBA hosted Job Fairs two years in a row as a result of economic downturns that affected the citizens in the Denbigh area.  Business Owners, Parks and Recreation, Churches, the Sheriff's Department, Planning Department, VEC, Workforce Development, Council Members, neighborhood managers, and Boys and Girls Club worked together to make this happen.

Through adopt a spots, clean up days, and facade improvement programs of the city, members of the Denbigh Warwick Business Association have taken an active stand in cleaning up this area of the city.

Members of the DWBA are involved in local civic and church organizations as well as members of city commissions and committees giving input, recommendations and direction for the growth of the city as a whole.